Politique de remboursement

The service on our website is covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. We provide such guarantee to give honest customers the reassurance that the product they are ordering will be delivered in good faith. In order to protect the legitimacy of guarantee for all parties concerned.

By clicking “I agree” when downloading, accessing, installing, running or using iRemove software (“software”) and documentation, you agree with Terms of Agreement , Refund Policy and Privacy Policy and confirm that it is a legally binding and valid agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this service, do not click “I agree”.

By ordering iRemove.tools service, you buy the software license for an initial one-device use. You are permitted to use one copy of the software for your one device (iPad or iPhone), that you indicated (provide serial or imei number) by filling out the order form and ordering service.

The service guarantees a 100% refund within 7 days after the purchase, if:

  • The order status is NOT COMPLETE* in the iRemove database.
  • You contacted the support team but they could not provide you with the ordered service in full.
  • The service does not return money after the purchase and successful use:
    • The order status is COMPLETE** in the iRemove database.
    • You refuse from the help of iRemove support team.
    • We do not refund money after 7 days from purchase.
    • In case of device re-blocking (reset to factory settings or erased). Simply use the program again for free.
    • The service was not purchased at iremove.tools website.
    • Please read the description of the service carefully! In case you have ordered service without GSM module activation, your iPhone will not be able to receive and make calls!

The service does not offer refunds for MDM Unlock services!

The delivery time for the MDM Unlock Service is 12-48 hours. After the batch is completed, you will receive an email notification. However, the completion time of your order may be delayed. If you have restored your device and it is still MDM locked, please try repeating the restoring process after 24 hours.

The A12+ Bypass service does not offer refunds if:

  • Your device is SIM-locked, has been replaced, or is refurbished.
  • You are attempting to use an invalid SIM card.
  • The A12+ bypass service is non-refundable while the order is being processed, which may take 12-48 hours.

We don’t provide a refund for such cases because our homepage contains full information + there is a warning about it at the checkout page. We are not responsible for customers who don’t pay attention to what is stated on both pages.

Order status identifies unsuccessful software usage. The status shows that the client did not download and did not use the service or the client installed the software but it did not provide the services that the user ordered. It’s indicated by the program logs (software error).

Please note that within 7 days our service will be sending notifications about the status of the uncompleted order and about the possibility to fix it as well as about sending a request for a refund.

If you have an error or experience issues during the process, please contact us immediately for the support!

What does mean the order status COMPLETE?

Order status identifies successful software use. That’s means that user successfully purchased, downloaded, and used the software. According to our Terms of Agreement & Refund Policy COMPLETE status indicates that we successfully provided service for customer.


Our audit and collection of any of Your data and Your use of the Software is subject to the iRemove Privacy Policy. We may audit Your Software usage for anti-piracy purposes, to verify a valid registration, and identify if new Updates are available for Your computing device prior to sending You a notice to install a new Software Update, and to assess Your use of the Software. You consent to the Software sending usage data (the iRemove program keeps records (logs)) about its usage history (according to Software Terms of Use).

The program identifies the client’s PC, the download date, the installation date. It checks the connected device on the client’s side with the serial number or IMEI that the user specified during checkout process. Also it identifies the successful use of the client-side software, about which the client will be notified by the email address specified during checkout process. The entire history of the operation and interaction of the software with your PC and with the connected device will be sent and saved on the server side. The collected data identifies the user and can be used to resolve contentious issues, for registration, authentication, use and anti-piracy auditing and enforcement purposes.


We produce a refund through payment system.

It will be applied to your payment method used during checkout. In most cases, once a refund has been submitted, the issuing bank will post it to your account within a couple of hours. Refund amount will not include bank charges.

Refunds can be sent back only to the original payment method used in a charge. It’s not possible to send a refund to a different destination (e.g., another card or bank account).

We submit refund requests to payment system immediately. But you may see the refund as a credit approximately 1-10 business days later, depending upon the bank. Once issued, a refund cannot be canceled.

In case of purchasing a service for a not supported device, the company has a right to provide a partial refund cutting $1,61 – $2.06 fee.