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How To: use iRemove EFI Firmware Removal Software

iRemove Dev Team has developed a step-by-step User’s Guide on how to use iRemove EFI password removal Software

How to Remove EFI lock Lock on Mac using iRemove Software?

Using iRemove to remove EFI is fast and straightforward. This software will give you full access to your Mac computer, its disk, and utilities.

How to use iRemove EFI removal Software

To remove EFI passcode, you have to use two Mac computers, USB type C - USB type C cable and the iRemove software. One Mac should be fully workable. The second Mac (you will be unlocking) must have the T2 security chip and enabled the EFI password.

Use our guide on how to remove EFI password:

  • First step. Start by downloading the iRemove Find My Mac Activation Lock bypass software. Install it on a fully workable macOS computer. The iRemove is free at this stage.
    Install iRemove  EFI remove Software
  • Step 2. Use the cable to connect your working Mac and the locked computer. The software will show the right type C port you need and a list of Macs, from which you must select the locked device.
    DFU mode MAC
    The iRemove tool will guide you on how to put the locked computer into DFU mode. Follow this instruction and enter the DFU mode:
    MacOS EFI firmware removing Software: Step1
    EFI firmware removing Software: Step 2
  • Step 3. The iRemove EFI removal password tool will identify the Mac being in the DFU mode. The software will show a message if the computer has entered the mode correctly. It will also display tech details about the locked Mac. You can now place an order to remove EFI Firmware password. Please make sure to provide the correct ECID number of your Mac.
    EFI firmware removing Software: Step 3
  • Step 4. After placing the order, press the "Start" button on the iRemove tool to begin the unlocking process.
    MacOS Find My MAc Activation Lock Bypass Software
    MacOS Find My MAc Activation Lock Bypass Software
    As soon as the EFI passcode is removed, the previously locked Mac will turn off. Turn in on using the Power button, and start using it without any limitations. It has no EFI firmware password anymore.
    MacOS Find My MAc Activation Lock Bypass Software

List of Macs Not Supported by EFI Removal Password Tool

The iRemove software can remove EFI on Mac computers with the T2 security chip. But unfortunately, it cannot unlock every macOS device at the moment. Hopefully, our Dev Team will bright support for Macs released before 2018 soon.

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