How to use iRemove Find My Mac Activation Lock Screen Bypass Software

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How To: use iRemove Find My Mac Bypass Software

iRemove Dev Team has developed a step-by-step User’s Guide on how to use iRemove Find My Mac Activation Lock Screen Bypass Software

How to Bypass Activation Lock on Mac using iRemove Software?

The main advantage of iRemove software is its simplicity and straightforwardness. It bypasses Find My Mac Activation Lock in a minute.

How to use iRemove Find My Mac Activation Lock Screen Bypass Software

Before you follow the guide below and remove the lock, you need three things:

  • T2-chip Mac with Activation Lock on it;
  • A fully workable Mac computer;
  • Cable to connect two Macs (USB type C - USB type C).

Now follow this instruction, and you will regain full control over your computer.

  • First step. Start by downloading the iRemove Find My Mac Activation Lock bypass software. Install it on a fully workable macOS computer. The iRemove is free at this stage.
    Install iRemove Find My Mac Activation Lock Bypass Software
  • Second step. Connect the two computers via the cable and type C port. The iRemove tool will show you a list, from which you should select the computer model which requires bypass.
    Find My Mac Activation Lock Bypass Software
    The on-screen instructions explain what to do.
    MacOS Find My MAc Activation Lock Bypass Software
  • Third step. Follow the on-screen guide to place the Mac with Activation Lock into DFU mode. There is also an instruction for putting Mac into DFU mode you can use instead.
    Mac DFU mode

    The iRemove software should notify users who do everything correctly and whose computer enters DFU mode successfully. When the tool identifies DFU mode, it should automatically check if your Mac model is eligible for the iRemove bypass service or not.
    software verification Mac
    Users who are eligible to remove Find My lock will be suggested to place an order for Mac Activation Lock bypass. Only verified Mac users can order the iRemove service.

    You can now complete the payment. As the payment is cleared, the iRemove database will record your Mac's serial number. This record is your lifetime license for using iRemove. Suppose the Mac becomes locked again in the future. In that case, you can rerun iRemove bypass to regain full control of the computer.
  • Fourth step. After we received the payment, you can click the "Start" button in iRemove software. It will bypass the Find My Mac Activation Lock on your computer. Please wait until the software completes its work. The iRemove will notify you about the result. Do not worry if your computer turns off. It means that the Find My lock has been bypassed.
    Since your macOS device is off, you should start it by pressing the Power button. The T2 security chip on your computer will no longer prevent the startup.
    get bypass Find My Mac activaion lock on Mac

The activation step is skipped thanks to the iRemove work, and you can enjoy using your computer as if new. You have no restrictions now.

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