How to Turn Off Find My and Unlock iPhone on iOS 13.7?

How to Turn Off Find My and Unlock iPhone on iOS 13.7?

iRemove Software will turn off Find My feature on passcode disabled iPhone and permanently unlock iCloud locked iPhone running on iOS 13 and up to iOS 13.7 just in 1 click.

iRemove Software is a professional software developed for the purpose of remote disabling of iCloud Find My feature and permanent unlock of iPhone on iOS 13.7. Its user-friendly interface makes it possible to turn off Find My on passcode disabled iPhones and iPads. iRemove FMI OFF Software can be used even by inexperienced users and does not require any technical skills. Our customers also receive a lifelong license for the device indicated in the order form! So, if you are still considering your iPhone update to the latest iOS 13.7, there is no reason not to do so.

A Checkm8 exploit used in Checkra1n Jailbreak is the base of iRemove Find My Off Software. Please note that your device must be jailbroken by Checkra1n before you can use FMI Off service itself. The advantage of iRemove Software is that Checkra1n Jailbreak is built-in into it. So, all you need to do is just download and install iRemove Software. Its onscreen guide will take you through the entire process and you don’t need to search and install Checkra1n Jailbreak separately.

iOS 13.7 news

Recent release of iOS 13.6.1 was quite a surprise for iPhone users as they were looking forward to iOS 14. Therefore, the release of iOS 13.7 was totally unexpected. The main news about this release is that iOS 13.7 lets you opt-in to the COVID-19 Exposure Notifications system without the need to download an app. System availability depends on support from your local public health authority. For more information see

Of course, there is more. This iOS version also fixes bugs in iPhone work as well. In addition, tests results show that iPhones running on iOS 13.7 work much faster than those running on iOS 13.6.1.

What is Find My?

Find My is the features designed for Apple Devices as a security measure. This feature is linked to iCloud account. The Find Mymakes it possible for an owner to remotely play a sound on the device, lock, erase or locate iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple Watch.

What is Find My on iOS 13.7?

When Find My is on, an owner’s Apple ID will be stored on Apple activation servers and will be linked to all his or her Apple devices. This makes a device iCloud locked to a specific Apple ID. So, if you buy an iPhone or iPad in aftermarket and Find My is On, this means your device is still linked to the previous owner’s account and you’ll be required to enter his or her Apple ID and password. Consequently, your device will be stuck on the iCloud activation lock screen. Moreover, the previous owner will still have a remote control over your device which allows them to remotely mark the device as lost or stolen, track its location and even erase.

Once Find My is Off, your device gets completely unlocked and it’s not linked to any iCloud account anymore. This means the iPhone or iPad is removed from the previous owner’s account and you can use your own Apple ID to use it.

How to Turn Off Find My and Unlock iPhone running on iOS 13.7?

iRemove is easy to use software allowing to permanently disable Find My and remotely unlock passcode disabled iCloud locked iPhones on iOS 13.7 just in one click. Jailbreak with Checkra1n is a mandatory requirement before actual Find My disabling and iCloud unlocking.

In order to get a permanently unlocked passcode disabled iPhone on iOS 13.7, you need to take three simple steps, which are:

  • Download iRemove FMI OFF Software and connect your passcode disabled iPhone or iPad to Mac PC. Let it check your device’s compatibility.
  • Make Payment.
  • Turn Off Fine My and Unlock iCloud locked passcode disabled iPhone or iPad.

iRemove FMI Off Software usage does not require any training or technical skills. The onscreen guide will take your through each step. A video guide and step-by-step Customer Guide are also available for your convenience.

Turn FMI Off and unlock iCloud locked device with iRemove Software and enjoy your fully workable iPhone running on iOS 13.7 using your own Apple ID!

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