How to Remove Mobile Device Manager on iPhone or iPad?

How to Remove Mobile Device Manager on iPhone or iPad?

Now, when the aftermarket is full of MDM locked devices a number of requests on how to remove Device Manager from iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch goes up every day. Mass of users has a need to unenroll a device from Device Manager.

For those who are not aware of what Mobile Device Manager and Mobile Device Management (MDM) programs are about, here is the short story. Mobile Device Manager and MDM programs are widely used on corporate-owned devices used in daily activities of different organizations, schools, hospitals and businesses. All these employers have a need to protect sensitive data and establish specific restrictions in regards to mobile devices used by their employers. Administrators can remotely configure and even erase any device enrolled in MDM program. Many of these devices become ex-employees owned at the end of the day but the Mobile Device Manager is still there.

How to Remove Mobile Device Manager

If you can’t use your Apple device and see one of the following messages of its screen, your device is enrolled in MDM: “The company will configure your iPad”, “Enter the corporate password” and so on. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use this iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. iActivate software is your life-saver.

iActivate software is the best solution developed to remove Device Manager from iPad, iPhone of iPod Touch of any model and under any iOS version. It bypasses MDM profiles remotely and its main features are:

  • Fully automated service
  • All iOS versions are supported
  • All iOS devices are supported
  • It takes only few minutes to bypass MDM

Step-by-step guide How to Remove Mobile Device Manager using iActivate Software

  1. Make sure your Apple device is actually enrolled in MDM program and has MDM profile.
  2. Find IMEI of your device.
  3. Place your MDM unlock order.
  4. Download iActivate Remove Mobile Device Manage software at
  5. Connect your device with computer and launch iActivate.
  6. Click on Start iActivate Server button.
  7. Wait for MDM profile bypassing completion.

These simple steps are all you need to do to remove Device Manager from your device. Now, you are free from remote management on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Once you got to remove Device Manager from iPad or any other iOS device, no one can supervise or erase it remotely. They also won’t know that your device was bypassed.

Important note: iActivate software doesn’t grant access to any data stored on the device prior to the removing Mobile Device Manager profile. Once remove Mobile Device Manager profile process is completed, you’ll have to activate your device as a brand new one. This way, iActivate software does not break confidentiality or give access to works of authorship in any fashion.

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