How to Unlock MacBook in Lost Mode

Unlock MacBook Pro that stuck in Lost Mode with enabled System Lock PIN

Lost Mode is used on MacBooks when they are lost, misplaced or stolen. This security feature is available as a part of Find My Mac app on Macs equipped with Apple T2 security chips. In this post, we’ll tell you more about Lost Mode and how to unlock a MacBook in lost mode.

MacBook and Lost Mode

All Apple users are familiar with Find My app on iOS devices. Users found this app and its features efficient and therefore Apple decided to make it available on Mac computers as well. Find My app became available on Mac computers with T2 security chips. Lost Mode is a part of Find My app and allows MacBooks owners to secure their information and remotely locate, lock, and even erase the misplaced Mac.

However, Find My Mac feature should be turned on before you lose or misplace your computer. This will allow you to remotely put your Mac into Lost Mode using your other Apple device, like iPhone or iPad, or your iCloud account via browser from another Mac or PC.

Once you put your MacBook in Lost Mode, you have three options what you can do, such as:

  • play a sound on your Mac, if you believe it’s nearby.
  • lock your Mac to prevent its usage by someone else. You’ll be asked to enter a four- to six-digit passcode which will be used to unlock your computer when it’s returned to you.
  • erase Mac to secure your information. For this reason, it is recommended to regularly backup your computer in order not to lose any of your information.

If your MacBook is turned on and online, you can see its last location and time when it was there on the map using your iCloud account on Find My iPhone page or in Find My app on your other Apple device linked to the same Apple ID account.

Lost Mode also allows an owner to display a customized message on the Mac’s lock screen. You are free to type any message you like. As a rule, the message looks something like this: “Lost MacBook. This MacBook is lost. Please call me” and your phone number. This customized message can be modified, as well as a contact phone number, if you like. This way, anyone who found your Mac will know it’s lost and how to reach you to return it to you.

Once your Mac is back to you, you can turn the Lost Mode off by entering the passcode you used to lock it. You can also take your MacBook out of Lost Mode using Find My app on your Apple device, or via Find My iPhone interface on the iCloud website. All you have to do is select your Mac from the list of your devices and click the “Stop Lost Mode” button.

As you can see, Find My app and Lost Mode feature make it possible to secure your device and information on it, as well as they increase chances to have your lost or misplaced device back.

What is MacBook System Lock PIN Code

From what has been said above, it’s easy to figure out that the system Lock Pin Code on MacBook is the passcode an owner sets while turning Lost Mode on in Find My Mac app. This Pin Code is required to start using a MacBook which was marked as lost or misplaced. You will also see the lock screen prompting you to enter this PIN code if Mac was erased while in Lost Mode.

This way, we can say that System Lock Pin Code is another security tool linked to iCloud lock protection. This is a one-time PIN code which is required to enter in order to unlock a MacBook which was put in Lost Mode.

It is fair to say that iCloud System Lock PIN Code is similar to the EFI password lock. However, these two locks are absolutely different things. An owner can also disable the PIN Code using his or her iCloud account the Mac is linked to.

How to Remove MacBook Pro System Lock Without PIN Code

It’s not a surprise that many users just forget System Lock PIN Codes they set on their Macs, or buy used computers in the secondary market and they turn out to have a system PIN Code. Quite often, PIN Code can’t be disabled via iCloud or using Apple Service for any reason, like forgotten Apple ID password, or loss of the original receipt to prove the ownership.

If this happened to you, the good news is that the iRemove team created software which will remove System Lock without PIN Code just in 1 click! This is the greatest advantage of the software iRemove team is proud of.

Unlock iCloud System Pin Passcode Lock Software by iRemove supports following T2 computers:

  • 2018 Mac Mini
  • MacBook Pro from 2018 or later version
  • MacBook Air from 2018 or later model
  • 2019 Mac Pro
  • 2020 iMac
  • iMac Pro

The software works with macOS 10.12 Sierra, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.14 Mojave, and 10.15 Catalina.

Unlock iCloud System Pin Passcode Lock Software is very easy to use as it has a user-friendly interface and on-screen guide giving your clear instructions what to do. What you need for successful unlocking process completion is:

  • 1. An unlocked Mac computer.
  • 2. A USB type C - USB type C cable which will connect one Mac to the other
  • 3. iCloud PIN Code Locked Mac itself.

The entire process will take you a few minutes and includes the following simple steps:

  • 1. Download the iRemove Unlock iCloud System Pin Passcode Lock Software and install it on the unlocked Mac computer.
  • 2. Connect both Mac computers with a USB Type-C – USB Type-C cable.
  • 3. Put the Pin Code Locked Mac into DFU mode. iRemove Software will verify it to make sure that Mac in DFU mode is supported. If so, you’ll be offered to buy the license for the locked Mac.
  • 4. Click the Start button to initiate the unlocking process.

Please note: You’ll still be prompted to enter the correct Apple ID and password to use the computer. The removed PIN lock does not remove the iCloud Activation Lock. You can restore your data and use your computer to the fullest if you order another iRemove service to bypass Activation Lock.

Activation Lock and Lost Mode

We’ve already discussed the PIN Code Lock and Lost Mode in detail and how to deal with them. Now, we should also turn to the Activation Lock feature mentioned above.

So, Activation Lock is another feature of Find My app. Its purpose is to secure the information and prevent reactivation of the lost or misplaced computer. Activation Lock is also linked to Apple ID a Mac computer was used with. Therefore, once Find My Mac is on, Activation Lock is enabled as well. If a MacBook is marked as lost or stolen and put in Lost Mode, Activation Lock will lock the computer too. This means, an owner should also enter the correct Apple ID and password to confirm their identity and start using the Mac which is stuck on Activation Lock screen.

In summary, if Mac was put in Lost Mode, you’ll have to enter System PIN Code to unlock it and Apple ID and password to unlock the Activation Lock and start using your Mac without any restrictions.

You might think there is no way out of this situation if you can’t reach the previous owner and solve this issue. But things are not that bad as iRemove has already taken care of this.

How to bypass Activation Lock on MacBook Without Apple ID password

The iRemove team developed a wide range of services to help out with a number of lock related issues on MacBooks. One of these services is Mac Activation Lock Bypass Software which will bypass Activation Lock on Mac computers equipped with T2 security chips even if you don’t know or forgot the correct Apple ID and password the Mac is linked to.

Mac Activation Lock Bypass Software will bypass Activation Lock on your Mac just in 1 click and you’ll be free to use it with your own Apple ID and with no restrictions! All the features of your Mac will be at your service!

The Activation Lock Bypassing process is very easy to perform and you don’t need any tech skills or special training to use iRemove software. The greatest advantage of Mac Activation Lock Bypass Software by iRemove is that you won’t need to enter any Apple ID or password to unlock your Mac.

What you need to bypass Activation Lock is the same as for PIN Code unlock:

  • Lock free Mac computer to install iRemove Software on it
  • Mac which stuck on Activation Lock Screen
  • USB Type-C – USB Type-C cable to connect locked and non-locked computers

The bypassing process includes following steps:

  • 1. Download the iRemove Mac Activation Lock Bypass Software and install it on the unlocked Mac computer.
  • 2. Connect both Mac computers with a USB Type-C – USB Type-C cable.
  • 3. Put the Activation Locked Mac into DFU mode. iRemove Software will verify it to make sure that Mac in DFU mode is supported. If so, you’ll be offered to buy the license for the activation locked Mac.
  • 4. Click the Start Bypass button and wait for the bypassing process completion.

Your unlocked MacBook will turn off upon bypassing process completion. Just push a power button to turn it on and start using it. Another advantage iRemove offers to their customers is free repeated software usage in case Activation Lock returns. The license you buy while placing an order is a life-long license for the device indicated in the order form.

Visit iRemove to learn more about the services available for Macs, iPhones and iPads. We are positive you’ll find what you need! The iRemove team developed detailed step-by-step guides and video guides for each service they offer to make the unlocking process as smooth as possible.

The purpose of this post was to arm you with all the information you need on Lost Mode on MacBooks and how to solve lock issues you may face. As you can see, there are no hopeless situations and the solution is closer than you may think. Choose the best approach meeting your needs and enjoy your lock and restrictions free Mac!

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