Check iCloud Activation Lock Status with IMEI.Tools Before Buying a Used iPhone or iPad

Check iCloud Activation Lock Status Before Buying a Used iPhone or iPad

Used iPhones and iPads aftermarket is huge and sadly full of the shady devices. Apple aims to protect people from purchasing used devices reported lost or stolen, or having any other issues. Therefore, they’ve created an Activation Lock.

This is what they advise: “Before you purchase an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from somebody else, make sure Find My iPhone Activation Lock is turned off and the device is ready for you to use.”

Activation Lock was primarily designed as a security tool to make iPhones and iPads less attractive for thefts. The Activation Lock was first introduced in iOS 7. It makes iPhone or iPad restore or usage impossible without the legal owner’s Apple ID and password entering. The idea was to reduce the number of steal cases as a device gets useless and impossible to use which makes it just a piece of glass and aluminum. This way, its cost goes down which makes stealing not worth it.

Certainly, this is not an obstacle for thieves who have accidentally stolen iPhones and iPads protected with Activation Lock. They’ll try to get rid of it and get some money anyways. This is when Check Find My iPhone (iCloud) status (ON/OFF) using IMEI service by IMEI.Tools becomes a helping hand.

Find My feature is now used as a security measure described above and is linked to iCloud account. In case FMI feature is On, the device is locked to an iCloud and Activation Lock is active. This means that an owner has a remote control over the devices and can easily lock or even erase it any moment.

Check Find My iPhone Status service by IMEI.Tools makes it possible to check FMI status of a device using its IMEI Number. It will be checked via Global Service Exchange Database or GSX which is a massive database of the information collected by Apple.

In case you need to check FMI status for multiple devices, bulk orders are welcomed. Your personal account will be created automatically and all the details on your order status and account will be sent to your email address.

Use Check Find My iPhone Status service by IMEI.Tools and be assured you are buying iCloud Activation Lock free iPhone or iPad!

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