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For those of you requiring iCloud Activation Lock Bypass and looking for a reliable tool to use with any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the recent release of iCloud Activation Lock Bypass software is the answer. This tool is not only reliable and easy to use, it’s also absolutely FREE for public use. According to the Checkm8 dev team, all the software updates will be free too. - iCloud Bypass Software

So, let’s take a closer look at software and how it works!

The first thing to say here is that having access to iOS File System is a mandatory requirement to be able to bypass iCloud Activation Lock with Checkm8 tool. You can obtain this access via your device jailbreak using Checkra1n jailbreak tool.

Now, another question you may have at this point is what jailbreak is about. iOS jailbreak is the process of software restrictions removal. These restrictions are initially set by Apple on iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and watchOS. As a rule, jailbreak uses kernel patches to obtain root-access to iOS. As a result, you can install any apps beyond the official Apple App Store.

Please take a look at the list of devices and iOS versions below to make sure your device is supported by iCloud Activation Lock Bypass software:

  • A5 – iPad 2, iPhone 4S, iPad Mini (1st generation)
  • A5X – iPad (3rd generation)
  • A6 – iPhone 5, iPhone 5C
  • A6X – iPad (4th generation)
  • A7 – iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3
  • A8 – Phone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad mini 4
  • A8X – iPad Air 2 (not supported)
  • A9 – iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPad (2017) 5th Generation (not supported)
  • A9X – iPad Pro (12.9 in.) 1st generation (not supported), iPad Pro (9.7 in.)
  • A10 – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPad (2018, 6th generation), iPad (2019, 7th generation)
  • A10X – iPad Pro 10.5″ (2017), iPad Pro 12.9″ 2nd Gen (2017)
  • A11 – iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X

Checkm8  supported iOS12.3 and newer versions!

Checkra1n Jailbreak is a must-have on device!

As was already said, Checkm8 iCloud Lock Bypass Tool won’t work with non-jailbroken devices. Please use the newest Ceckra1n jailbreak method before you start the bypassing process itself. Checkra1n will grant you root-access to iOS File System. It supports all iPhones from iPhone 5S to iPhone X on iOS 12.3 and above.

As yet, both and Checkra1n tools work on MacOS only. So, you’ll need Mac to use them.

Here is step-by-step guide on how to use Checkra1n to prepare you device for iCloud Lock Bypass:

  1. Download Checkra1n software from the official source.
  2. Launch Checkra1n on your Mac.
  3. Connect your device to Mac. Checkra1n will verify compatibility with your device. If the verification is successful, click the Start button.
  4. Put your device in DFU mode and follow the onscreen guide.
  5. Wait until the jailbreaking process is completed.

Once this is done, your device is ready to be bypassed with iCloud Activation Lock Bypass Software.

Below, you’ll find the guide on how to use the iCloud Activation Lock Bypass tool by

  1. Download software from the official website
  2. Launch the software on your Mac.
  3. Connect your jailbroken Apple device to Mac. tool will recognize your device and will be ready to start the iCloud Lock bypassing process.
  4. Click the Start button and wait for the completion of the process.

Congratulations! iCloud Activation Lock was successfully bypassed on your device just in one click!

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Software restrictions on iCloud Unlocked Apple devices.

Checkm8 dev team works hard all the time on the software improvements. Currently, they are on the GSM modem activation issue. There are also other restrictions for iCloud Activation Lock bypassed devices you should be aware of. Here is what you can’t do:

  • You can’t make outgoing and receive incoming calls
  • You can’t add your own Apple ID in the device’s settings
  • You can’t send SMS from your device

If you are okay with these restrictions, try tool and bypass iCloud Activation Lock on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch just in one click!

Download Checkm8 Software from the original source:  – Activation Lock Bypass Software



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